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Character Chat: Middle Schooler Book Recommendations About Responsibility

Dr. Seuss once wrote: "The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." And one place we want our children to read and learn about is to develop good character habits like responsibility.

Julia Cook has written a series

Responsible Me! whose main character, Noodle, learns how to become a responsible person.

The first book, entitled But It's Not My Fault, finds Noodle making excuses and blaming others for his mistakes. When he begins to accept responsibility, he finds how to use mistakes as opportunities for problem-solving and to turn negatives into positives.

Next, in Baditude! What To Do When Your Life Stinks!, join Noodle as he learns how to change his mindset. He learns how to turn his 'have tos' into 'get tos' and his 'baditude' into gratitude!

The third book, That Rule Doesn't Apply to Me!, Noodle is having a rough couple of days as rules keep getting in his way of fun. Too many rules, or so he thinks, until his mother and teacher convince him that rules are meant to help and not harm him.

In the fourth book, Cheaters Never Prosper, Noodle has really done it this time! In a friendly competition among classmates, Noodle cheats his way to victory. But in the end learns a valuable lesson about the cost of cheating.

In the fifth book, titled "The PROcrastinator," Noodle encounters a big problem. He's always being told what to do, but there are other things he'd rather do instead. However, Noodle soon realizes the importance of doing things right away when his mom (who is also his teacher) asks him to do them. He learns that putting tasks off till later isn't the best choice. Join Noodle on his journey as he discovers the value of timely action and completing tasks promptly.

Finally in the sixth book, What's In It For Me?, Noodle wonders why he needs to be responsible and do the things asked of him. Luckily, the adults in his life are there to teach him the importance of moving 'need tos' into 'I did its!' He learns the value of practicing small chores now, so he'll be ready for life's big challenges later.

A great book series for the younger middle schooler.

Happy Reading!!

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