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Character Chat: Commitment Book Recommendation for Grade Schoolers

Summer is a great time to introduce discussions of developing good character traits as the busyness slows down. And reading books about good character whether to add points for a summer reading program or to just keep reading skills sharp is just an added bonus.

The following books are recommended to do that in the development of the character trait of commitment:

The Promise (The Island of Commitment) by Suzy Liebermann.

A story about a starfish named Hugo who learns that it is important to stand to his word. To recognize that it may be easier to just say things and not act on one's promises but that won't bring him closer to being happy or help him to be a better starfish. In the end, he learns to keep his promise and do the things he is supposed to do.

(note: there are 14 books in the Hugo the Starfish series and all are written to teach character lessons.)

I Am Batman by Brad Meltzer (from his Stories Change the World series) is a fictional biography of how Bruce Wayne (Batman), using perseverance and commitment to justice, overcomes his battles with villains though he has no traditional superpowers.

And finally "an oldie, but a goodie" A Chair For My Mother by Vera Williams.

A classic heartwarming story of a young girl who, along with her waitress mother, saves coins in a big jar in hopes of one day being able to buy a new chair for their apartment., the kind of chair her mother deserves after working on her feet all day.

Happy Reading!!

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