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From Crayons to Character: Our latest free 'Character Matters' Printable

Hello there, readers! Imagine a world where being kind, honest, and determined are like superpowers that make you a better person. Well, guess what? We've got something super cool for you – it's called the "Character Matters Printable." This awesome worksheet is all about helping kids understand and spot important character traits.

Why Good Character Matters

Being a good person involves having certain qualities that guide your actions and decisions. These qualities are like the building blocks of your personality. Traits such as being friendly, staying strong even when things are tough, and showing understanding toward others are the things that help you become an amazing human being. And the best part? It's something kids can start learning right now!

Meet the "Character Matters Printable

Alright, let's dive into the fun stuff. The "Character Matters Printable" is like a mini adventure packed with drawings that tell interesting stories. Each drawing has characters doing different things, and it's up to you to figure out what trait they're showing. We've got a bunch of words that describe these traits, and your job is to match them to the right pictures.

Great for Teachers and Parents

Teachers and parents should be pretty excited about the "Character Matters Printable" too. They can use it in the classroom to start conversations about being a great person. Or, if you're learning from home, this worksheet is a fun way for your family to chat about important stuff while having a good time.

Get Your Hands on the "Character Matters" Printable

Click on the link below to download your free copy.!

Character Matters_Describe the Character
Download PDF • 1.31MB

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