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Character Chat: Self Discipline Book Recommendations for Grade Schoolers

Now that school is about to begin, a great topic of discussion is about developing self-discipline. Knowing the need for self-control in the classroom and sticking with a task or assignment until the end, will help for a successful school year. Reading these books together is a step towards understanding and developing self-discipline.

Even Superheroes Have Bad Days by Shelley Becker.

This book explores what would happen if Superheroes made bad choices when having a bad day. They could use their laser eyes to ignite forest fires or fling boomerangs to deflate the town's tires. They could super-rampage, but they don't, because real superheroes wouldn't, they won't. For when they have the urge to do harm, they have the discipline to choose good instead.

It's Hard To Be Five by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell.

Oh the woes of being five! All these new rules and being told no when all you want to do is play! The first half goes through these "struggles" and the second half of how fun five can be. You can build things and grow things and make good choices. Like knowing when to stop and go, when to walk and when to run, and being in control of your actions.

What Should Danny Do? by Ganit and Adir Levy

The story of a superhero in training working on his power to choose. With this power, he can change his day by changing his choices. He goes through different situations in his day like not getting something he wants, his brother laughing at him when he gets hurt, and other potential conflicts. Danny has 2 choices he can make, one that will make things worse and one that will make it better. The reader choices which choice Danny should make and tells you based on that choice, what page to turn to next. The bad choices lead to consequences and discussions with his parents about making good choice. The good choices lead to parental positive praise and Danny feeling proud.

Happy reading!

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