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Character Chat: Grade Schooler Book Recommendations About Responsibility

Reading picture books with your child(ren) is a great way to help them develop character. There are many good stories to read such as:

Even Superheroes Make Mistakes by Shelley Becker.

This book is a story about superheroes who make some pretty spectacular missteps and demonstrates what they could do to throw blame elsewhere, distract attention, or even evade responsibility altogether. Then follows how a real superhero would handle the mistakes they make without arguing, blaming, or losing self-confidence.

Another good book to read with your child(ren) is What If Everybody Did That? by Ellen Javernick.

It's the story of what it would be like to live in a world where no followed "the rules". What if you littered, talked all at the same time, never cleaned up, etc., the world would be a disaster! This book answers these questions that get one thinking about taking responsibility for our everyday actions.

And finally David Gets in Trouble by David Shanon.

In this story David has an excuse for everything when he gets in trouble. Nothing is ever his fault. Eventually, all of the excuses make David feel guilty and he ends up apologizing for all of the things he has done. (FYI: the illustrations are amazing and tell their own story and are great for teaching and making inferences!)

Happy Reading!!

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